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Conan O’Brien: Shameless Pandering

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The easiest way to win my heart? Talk about the thing I love the most.

Oh and leading off the song with my hometown made my shriveled heart inflate at least 3 sizes.

Good news for a change

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It’s fall (sorry summer lovers, but Sept. 1 sorta tears it. Not summer anymore) and that’s the time we usually do our big “What are the networks THINKING!?” posts. Astute readers will recall that last year, we didn’t do this because Jess and I were in Europe. And that is a shame, because there were many terrible shows that came and went that we didn’t even get a chance to make fun of properly.

This year, we are totally going to do it. You just have to be a little patient!

To tide you over, how about some good news for new shows that we are anticipating?

First of all, Conan O’Brien has named his new show that will air on TBS starting on Nov. 8. Of this year.

You heard it here… well, second or third probably. Whatever. CONAW!

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that THIS is the show I’m most excited for this fall. I really hope this works out for everyone involved. Conan is the best and he deserves a little good TV Karma after the cluster fuck that was this year.

Second, The Walking Dead is coming to AMC. It’s coming to get us, Barbara!

AMC has a pretty fantastic track record (Witness how Mad Men and Breaking Bad won ALLL the Emmys Sunday) as taste makers, so I’m pretty darn excited for this show, that is based on a graphic novel of the same name. Emphasis on the graphic. AMC seems confident about it. So much so that they’ve decided to pick up the series for a second season before airing a single episode. It premieres on AMC Oct. 31. Savvy. Halloween is an opportune time to air a show about a zombie outbreak.

Yeehaw! That is good news all around!

Let’s go have some coffee and tackle our day that starts at noon because we stay up late! (That’s just me? OK. I’ll go do that. You guys have a good day!)

Slash is Team Coco, Max Weinberg not so much

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You thought all this Conan O’Brien stuff was going to calm down, I bet. Well you were wrong.

Longtime Team Coco member Saul Hudson (AKA Slash) has always been happy to appear on Conan’s late night couch, stage and even took part in a sketch where he and Conan went guitar shopping on Craigslist.

Well, Slash’s loyalty was cemented last night when he performed on Jay Leno. Because he did so wearing a Team Coco pin.

Not like you’d see much of it. NBC went out of their way to edit around it. Gawker has a clip of the performance.

But rumours are spreading (and who are we to ignore rumours?) that Conan’s bandleader Max Weinberg (Also of E-Street Band fame) is ready to jump ship to be Jay Leno’s bandleader when Kevin Eubanks leaves. Say it with us: GROSS. Join us in hoping that this isn’t true.

Also, an article in the New York Times discusses Conan’s adaption to websites like Twitter. And asserts that he had help from his staff in joining the social media site. Which prompted the hash tag #helpingconan to start trending.

Oh, Coco. So much drama!

Conan sells out

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In record time, too!

The Internet’s favourite beleaguered late-night host is coming to cities near us (and you!) and we could not be happier.

The Mean Girls have been following the post-feud news like crazy. We all follow Conan on twitter, we watched Andy Richter bitterly savage NBC and Leno on ABC’s Regis and Kelly, we watched the soft-focus Oprah interview with Jay (THE WORST!) and then ignored his terrible, terrible return to the Tonight Show, and now, we are all attending Conan’s North American “legally prohibited from being funny on television” concert tours.

Four for you, Coco!

Two of us will be in the Big Smoke when Conan comes North (thanks for not holding those Olympic closing ceremonies against us, Coco) and one of us will be looking on in Hotlanta (if Ticketmaster ever stops being a g-d b).

If I was a rich a-hole, I’d be all over these meet and creep tickets, but I can’t afford that shizz, so floor seats in the T-dot will have to do. I’m pumped!

You can try your luck at ticketmaster, but I went straight to the venue for tickets. For more info, visit

Bye everybody, bye!

Keep cool, my babies. Keep cool.

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Class. Act.

Class. Act.

“All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical.
I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

— Conan O’Brien

Celebrate good times COME ON!

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It’s Conan’s last week on The Tonight Show and he’s going out with a bang.

His contract allegedly gives him $40 million and the opportunity to go work for another network as soon as possible, so long as he no longer makes fun of NBC.



But they didn’t tell Conan he couldn’t sing about how dumb they are. So he broke out into a couple of bars of “Morons! Incompetent morons!” It’s a retro pastiche that will clearly never be a breakaway pop hit, but I like it. It’s got moxie! And zazz!

So now that he’s accepted that this is it, that he will have to give up the Tonight Show so that Jay Leno can return to telling Brokeback Mountain jokes to sleepy red staters, Conan appears to be having a great time sticking it to NBC and being a pain in the network’s ass for the brief time he has left.

There was a huge rally in L.A. the other day and hundreds of fans showed up carrying “I’m with Coco” posters and wearing t-shirts with supportive slogans. I’d imagine it feels pretty good knowing that almost everybody  in the world who is not an NBC executive or Jay Leno is on your side.

Speaking of people who are on Conan’s side, old friend Norm Macdonald dropped by last night to give Conan a card he meant to give him back in June. He read it out loud to hilarious effect. I’ll paraphrase:

“Congrats on finally getting your permanent gig hosting The Tonight Show. That’s something they can never take away. This is one of the shrewdest programming decisions the NBC braintrust has ever made.”

Comedy! That’s how you do it, Jay.

Speaking of schooling the world on how comedy should be, you might remember Norm as THE BEST TALK SHOW GUEST OF ALL TIME because of his appearance on Late Night when he did this:

Last night’s episode was perfect. I don’t think I could have asked for more. Norm, Quentin Tarantino and Spoon. I love Spoon. Some people (Salome) tell me I have a thing for tall, gangly, goofy-lookin’ funny guys with reddish hair. Guilty as charged. So watching the very tall Conan shake hands with the very tall Britt Daniel after Spoon played Written in Reverse, well that was a moment I will be replaying in my mind for awhile.

Thanks, Conan.

Ratings surge for Conan

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Whoops! Could there be anything more personally satisfying than trouncing your newfound enemy in the ratings almost immediately after one of his big-wig pals calls you an astounding failure?

I really would like Conan to have Norm MacDonald on his show. They could talk about how various NBC executives have told them that they are unfunny losers right after firing them.

Speaking of Norm, he warned Conan this would happen.

Soooo… what’s new, NBC?

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Nothing? Yeah.

If I have said it once, I have said it a million, billion times. There is not enough Law & Order on television.

And YOU KNOW how much we value Jerry Seinfeld’s contribution to pop culture and the idea that there are no refs in real life. Unlike on his new show, The Marriage Reg, which will air in the place of Leno’s show when it’s finally dragged out into an alley and shot.

Really, what NBC should do is combine these two ideas into one show. Law & Order: What’s the Deal With All These Rapes?

You are welcome, NBC. It’s the least we can do as we watch you decimate a once-proud TV institution with genius programming ideas like “MORE LAW & ORDER!” Somebody get these guys the Nobel Prize for TV Programming!

Oh, and NBC will also fill the time with another semi-reality show thing hosted by a former NBC star: Lisa Kudrow’s,Who Do You Think You Are?, a show that traces the genealogy of celebrities.

This isn’t harsh at all, considering that Lisa Kudrow is also — bum-bum-bum! — Conan’s ex!

In other non-Late Night feud news, can somebody please explain to me how this show Past Life, is being made, but Dollhouse is cancelled?

DR. KATE MCGINN (Kelli Giddish) is not your typical psychologist. Confident, outspoken and highly educated, she works at The Talmadge Center for Behavioral Health in New York City, a world-renowned institute dedicated to the study of the science of the soul. After experiencing a past-life regression in her 20s, Kate became a believer in reincarnation. Using therapy and her natural gift for reading people, Kate helps solve the mysteries of her troubled clients by investigating their consciousness. She believes there are levels of consciousness and explanations for human behavior that science can’t begin to explain. Accustomed to skeptics, but not bothered by them, Kate is an unapologetic believer and a force of nature who marches to the beat of her own drum.

Her partner, PRICE WHATLEY (Nicholas Bishop), is a different story. A former NYPD homicide detective, pragmatic and cynical, Price is a damaged soul who constantly battles grief and guilt over the accidental death of his wife. Price feels that Kate, though not certifiable, certainly operates on the fringes of science. It’s a volatile relationship, but with Price’s solid detective skills and Kate’s penchant for out-of-the-box thinking, together they make a formidable, albeit somewhat dysfunctional, team.

An emotional thrill ride, each episode finds Price and Kate working with their colleagues to unravel a new mystery. DR. MALACHI TALMADGE (Richard Schiff) is Kate’s mentor and the center’s namesake, an avuncular but gruff elder statesman who is a legend in the field of cognitive research. DR. RISHI KARNA (Ravi Patel) is the rookie of the group, an energetic M.D. who loves bad TV, Cuban jazz and driving everyone crazy.

I mean, this is basically an episode of The X-Fringe (TM Salome) stretched into a series. Except that Dr. Rishi Karna sounds like he is auditioning to be my best friend. He loves bad TV! So he will love this show!

I know everybody is entertaining the idea of loving Fox because they appear to be waiting eagerly for Conan to be free to do a late night show for them, but I gotta say, I don’t trust a network that can’t figure out how to promote a show that’s basically “hot, fightin’ chicks are hot now.”

Beware, Conan. Fox has ruined men like yourself.

Jimmy Kimmel tells Leno he’s a jag TO HIS FACE

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This late night war continues to be interesting.

Last night, Jay Leno, king of everything he surveys, had Jimmy Kimmel on his 10@10 segment, likely to reprimand him for his very funny performance earlier this week when he spent his entire show dressed as Leno, complete with wig, chin prosthesis and lisp, and then interviewed Chevy Chase, who came out dressed as Conan. I’m very sure Leno expected Kimmel to be embarrassed and apologetic.

Unfortunately for Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel was not having any of that. This interview is an exercise in awkwardness that devolves into a squirmy public shaming.

I especially love the part at the end where Kimmel tells Leno that he and Conan have families to think of, but all Leno has is too many antique cars. TRUTH BOMBS!

I also love that this is up on youtube because Kimmel’s people put it up there. Enjoy it while you can, kiddos! I imagine NBC’s lawyers are hard at work drafting papers demanding that it be taken down.


Oh, and because we don’t want to seem biased, we thought we’d also share this link for anyone who wants to support Jay “big jaw” Leno: Don’t say we never did nothin’ for you, guys.

Tonight Show For Sale. Deep Crows not included.

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It’s official. Stick a fork in Conan. He’s done.

And as his last order of business, he’s putting The Tonight Show up for sale on Craigslist.

We have some money saved. So we’re going to buy it.

Our guest every night will be Conan. And then we’ll have him interview other people, do some funny bits with Andy and Max and the studio audience.

Ultimately, we feel The Tonight Show will be a good place for us to stay while we have the missile silo renovated.

This is all very sad. I am sad. I hope you will join me in following Conan wherever he goes next. I don’t want to tell you not to watch Jay Leno’s show that will go on the air at 11:35, which he is reportedly going to call The Tonight Show.


I bet his first guest will be Jerry Seinfeld.

Double gross.

Whoa! That was offside! Too bad there are no refs in real life! Unlike on Jerry Seinfeld’s show, The Marriage Ref.

Triple gross.

OK. I’m going to go dream of this happening.


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