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Hey, you! Yeah, you. Get over here. And shhh! Keep it down–we don’t have much time.

We’re going to be doing posts where we preview the fall season’s crop of new shows and I’ll have to be totes serious for that. But before we do that, I want to talk about Cavemen. Yes, the show inspired by the Geico commercials. What I want to say is, it’s AWESOME. No, really. It is so awful that it can only go down in flames in the most spectacular way and I will be there for every awkward, painful moment. Eee! I’m so excited. It isn’t so much schadenfreude, as you might expect, as it is my pure and true love for the gloriously bad. I can’t wait!

Now back to being serious. And finishing that post on music videos I promised a million years ago. Later!


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