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And now, the start of my music videos post. Instead of doing one huge post, I was inspired by Jukebox 20 over at eljay to do a music-y post a day. And we shall call it the Daily Record. Let us commence! The first video, what could it beeeee?

“Dirty Boots,” Sonic Youth.

Why: This video is like, the ultimate teenage fantasy. You go out with your friends to a show, you meet a cute boy (or girl), and you make out. Awesome! Plus, that is totally the kind of boy I would have crushed on when I was a teenager and that girl is just too cute. Maybe she’s the reason why I love to wing my eyeliner.

Fun fact!: Spike Jonze was supposed to play the boy in this video but he was too shy. I wonder what ever happened to the guy who did end up in the video. He was cuuuuute.

Hmm, I say “cute” a lot. And boo-urns to Snapshot for giving away the surprise.


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