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Daily Record: “Everyday”

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Today I decided to pick something very American, because srsly guys. Have you noticed that I’m practically the only natural American here? How did that happen? Anyway, today’s pick is “Everyday” by Dave Matthews Band. Dave Matthews, of course, spent a good portion of his life in South Africa. However, he moved back to the States to escape compulsory military service, which conflicted with his Quaker upbringing. The United States as beacon of religious freedom–the quintessential American story.

Why: This video is like an instant mood boost. Even if you have a black, black heart like me, you can’t help but be moved. And I like how it puts forth the notion of paying things forward (with the people moved to hug each other after he leaves), without all that annoying pay it forward stuff. [Black, black heart.]


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  1. Aw! I’ve never seen that video before. Now I want a hug.

    Happy America Day!

  2. I love when he hugs Conan. And the blue man group. You’re right about the mood boost!


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