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I’m doing two today because it’s Sunday! And because I forgot to post one yesterday. Anyway, these are probably Not Work Safe so let’s go behind the curtain, shall we?

“What It Feels Like (For A Girl),” Madonna [Probably not safe for work]

Why: Famously “banned” from MTV, which is a little dumb, considering the stuff they’ve let other acts get away with. (And I put banned in quotation marks because for all I know it was just a publicity stunt.) I love the song’s content–it’s refreshing for a pop singer not to think that dumbing herself down is attractive. And as for the video, I love the morally ambiguous protagonist.

Note: This version was redone by a fan to use the original version of the song instead of the remix the video used. I too prefer the original version so that’s what you’re getting.

Speaking of MTV restrictions…

“Smack My Bitch Up,” Prodigy. [WARNING: Not safe for work or delicate constitutions.]

Dirty and offensive and gross. I love it. Who hasn’t had a night like this?

I remember the first time we saw this–it was like 3 am and we were like, “There are [bare] boobs on MTV!”


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