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Keepon just keeps keepin’ on and so does Veronica Mars.

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I am a cold hard bitch when it comes to most things. You develop a shell at work in order to do your job. Am I cynical because I’m a journalist, or do cynical people gravitate toward journalism? A Rob Gordon question for the ages. But I’m not completely heartless. There are things at which I will coo and giggle. In terms of cuteness, I’m easily swayed by baby animals, pugs and spongy, peeps-yellow robots that dance.

Specifically, when they dance to Spoon.

That’s Keepon and one of his creators, Hideki Kozima, boppin’ in a viral video for Spoon’s Don’t You Evah. I’m hard pressed to explain what it is about this little robot that is so appealing, but once you start watching him groove, it’s hard to stop. Really. Here’s an earlier collaboration between Keepon and Spoon:

See? You can’t not watch! And the tunes are slick too. Who could blame Keepon for up-jumping the boogie to I Turn My Camera On? Jess_D_Ripper and I are going to see Spoon kick it live at the Phoenix Ballroom in the T dot. I’m practically peeing my pants in anticipation of that show, but I’d be even more excited if they were accompanied by a dancing robot. If you live in L.A., that might be a possibility. If you’re a fan of all things AWESOME (and I know you are because you’re reading this site) then you might wanna boot it down to Wired magazine’s Nextfest where Keepon and Spoon will kick off the whole shebang September 10 at the Henry Fonda Theater.

If you look close, you can also see various members of the band hanging out in the video. That’s frontman Britt Daniels on the escalator behind Keepon. You might recognize him from such fabulous guest shots as that time in Veronica Mars season two. He does a karaoke version of Veronica by Elvis Costello when V is working a shift at Java the Hutt. Just another reason why I’ll love that show forever.

And speaking of Veronica Mars, I’m so proud of Kristen Bell! I was really worried there that Logan and even frickin’ Piz could find jobs on network shows post-Mars, but I hadn’t heard anything about how she was doing. Yeah, narrating Gossip Girl is probably a good thing. But Bob Saget narrates How I Met Your Mother and I don’t need to tell you that Danny Tanner is crazily overshadowed by Doogie Howser M.D. But I digress. We were talking about the luminous Kristen Bell and her burgeoning career as a super hero or villain. Status yet to be determined.

It doesn’t really matter, because Bell picked Heroes over Lost, so she’ll always be a hero to ME. I mean, sure, she’d be pretty on a beach, but I’m starting to have trouble believing there can be this many people we’ve never seen before on a deserted island, ya know? And before you write me a mean e-mail, I KNOW they could have put her in a flashback or a flashforward or something. That doesn’t make it any better. Lost just sucks. There are numerous ways in which it sucks, but the main three are: So hard, so bad and wicked bad.

Bringing new people onto the show is not going to endear me to them more. Witness the disturbing lack of me caring when Rodrigo Santoro was featured last season. He’s hot. Muy, muy hot, as they say in places where it’s hot. But that didn’t stop me from not caring when his character died. Mainly because there’s a plethora of hot guys on this island who are already sadly underutilized. And really, the only way I’d appreciate KB on Lost is if she had a persnickety voiceover which detailed how she, Sayid, Sawyer and Locke teamed up to punch Jack in the face repeatedly. Now THAT is good TV, people.

Bell’s arc on Heroes starts in October. She’s got something to do with Noah ‘Just call me Noah’ Bennet and Claire This ain’t no cheerocracy’ Bennet, as well as Milo ‘please stop purposefully mutilating my last name’ Velociraptor’s Peter Petrelli. Meh. If they’re going to bring back a Petrelli, might I suggest Nathan? Also: More Claude. It’s hard out here, for an invisible man to get any screen time.  


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  1. i don’t know why i find that little yellow blob so entertaining…i guess it’s because we dance the same.

    also, SO glad KB signed on for heroes. i don’t know what i’d do if i couldn’t drool over her on television at least once a week. did you ever catch that “reefer madness” remake she was in on showtime? surprisingly okay.

  2. Hahaha! Oh, Pat, you can do the snoopy dance better than anyone I know!

    I missed Reefer Madness, but I always wanted to see it! I heard she was good. And Alan Cumming? Who doesn’t want to see him?


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