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Spacemen, Cavemen, and Pink!

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Hey there, y’all. Salomé [Rock Geisha] here. If you’re wondering, what can I get Salomé for Christmas?, well then–you are in luck, darlin’. Amazon is releasing a box set this November with more than enough scifi and/or fantasy programming to provoke a serious veg.

Called creatively, the TV SciFi Bundle, this set features (according to

Buffy – Collector’s Set
Angel – Collector’s Set
All 10 separate season sets of Stargate SG-1
3 season sets released to date of Stargate: Atlantis
4 seasons of The Pretender, plus the TV Movies DVD
Firefly – The Complete Series
3 seasons of Roswell
Both seasons of Dark Angel
The X-Files – The Complete Collector’s Edition

You can buy it here and y’all can totes email me for my shipping info. It will be officially released on 6 November 2007. Oh and by the way, it’s *cough*$899.99*cough*. Thanks so much!

Oh and you guys did watch Cavemen last night, right? So awesome, right?

[Salomé is withholding her true feelings about Cavemen, be they positive or negative. However, she would like to say, quote, el oh freakin’ el, unquote to the notion that Carpoolers was better than Cavemen.)

And finally, we’ve gone pink for October again! To learn how you can help sponsor mammogram services for those in need, check out the American Breast Cancer Foundation‘s website. And if you’ve got boobs, don’t forget to check them out, too!



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