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We have Kyle Gallner.

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Attention, Kyle Gallner fans: He will be making an appearance on the upcoming (9 October) episode of Law and Order: SVU, called “Impulsive.” According to the NBC website, he will be playing a variation on his patented Troubled Teen. Specifically: The detectives try to find out who’s telling the truth when a student claims he was seduced by his teacher and she claims it was rape.

He plays the student and Melissa Joan Hart is the teacher. See a preview here and try not to think inappropriate things. Also, hope that this episode makes more sense than last week’s batshit “Avatar.”


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  1. Oh Gallner. I’m happy he’s getting work, but kind of saddened at how quickly he was typecast. At the same time: Bring on the tears, the sex crimes and Melissa Joan Hart’s wonky eye.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, Kyle Gallner. My poor, poor flatmate is right at the beginning of season 2 of Veronica Mars and totally smitten. I don’t know what to tell her first about the season finale: that he’s evil, or that he takes his shirt off and looks really good.

    How tragic that his career has come to starring alongside Lil Miss Wonky Eye and her ever-present gin bottle.


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