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Judging by the search terms that bring people here, many of you are wondering if Cavemen has been canceled. It has not, haters! The new episode, “The Mascot,” will air tonight. The description: Nick lands a job as a substitute teacher and discovers that the school mascot is an offensively stereotypical caveman.

So there’s that. As for whoever is searching for “carpoolers awful cancelled,” I totally agree with you, man. Wait, I think *I* was searching for that. Let’s see, what other search queries can I answer for you?

  • The Penthius search engine isn’t real. Sorry, guys–it’s made up for TV. UPDATE!
  • Jason Gideon did not die as far as we know. He was last seen driving off into the proverbial sunset, after leaving his badge and gun and a note for Dr. Reid to find. Apparently Gideon was just burnt out. Also apparently, so was Mandy Patinkin.
  • Only three shows have been canceled so far. Viva Laughlin and Online Nation, as I mentioned yesterday, and Fox’s Nashville. What? Exactly.
  • I don’t know any drinking games for Criminal Minds. Protip: Probably not a great idea to drink every time someone says “unsub.”

Guys, I am finally getting satellite TV today. OMGOMGOMG. You don’t know how excited I am–we placed this order on 26 September and it’s taken forever to get it installed. I’m happy with the programming package we got but I may have to upgrade because this new Chiller channel looks fantastic. Anyone got it and want to tell me how you feel about it? Comment here or e-mail me, plz.


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  1. penthius is a “real” search engine, powered by google

  2. Hee! Update in progress…

  3. Yep Penthius is real !


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