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See if you can guess it. OMG. It WAS 12!

I am clearly the WORLD’S GREATEST MENTALIST! I should be on Phenomenon!

This show premieres tonight on NBC and I really hope it doesn’t have much sucess in anything other than proving what a bunch of frauds these losers are. Phenomenon is attempting to find the “next great phenomenon” along the lines of a Uri Gellar or Criss Angel, Mindfreak. In fact, they’re the hosts!

 This kind of surprises me, since Criss Angel, though clearly a douche, has been very up front about the fact that he does not claim to have any supernatural powers or psychic abilities. He trades in illusions and stunts and has said on numerous occasions he doesn’t think anybody has psychic powers. So I would like to see a fist fight between him and Uri Gellar, who is famous for claiming he DOES have magical powers. Of course, he’s the biggest fraud ever.

Anyway, the show features several “mentalists” who claim to talk to the dead, bend spoons perform “feats of mentalism” and be very vague about their “amazing, special, unique” talents. There is nothing extraordinary about these people except that they are great performers who have practiced slight of hand and cold reading. The ones who piss me off the most are the charlatans who claim to be talking to the dead or reading minds or using their psychic powers. Suuuuure you are.

The fact of the matter is, if any of these fakes had any REAL psychic abilities, they wouldn’t be wasting their time on Phenomenon’s paltry $250,000 grand prize. They’d be going after the cool million being offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation as part of the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

I wouldn’t dream of denying that I’m a skeptic. I also wouldn’t dream of suggesting this show will be any good. But hey, at least it’s not Cavemen.


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  1. You sit on a throne of lies!


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