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Lost can drive a person to drink…. and drive.

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So Daniel Dae Kim has been arrested on a DUI.

You know what this means. He’ll be shot and killed in an upcoming episode. 

Maybe THAT’S the secret of the island! Everybody drinks! I would too, if I had to sit around and watch the unending misery of Jack and Kate (or is it Sawyer?) 4 Eva. Flashbacks, flashforwards, character deaths, whatever. It’s not helping. The show is fucked and pretty soon, every cast member will be drowning their sorrows in Mai Tais and then clambouring into their cars to drive home while driving erratically, because that seems to be the only escape from this hellacious island, its multiple hatches and endless supply of characters.

I know Heroes is taking awhile to get going, but it did last year too. I didn’t start paying attention until the Invisible Man showed up. (I miss you, Claude!) So I’m sticking with it because it remains beautifully shot and features lots of hot guys (even if some of them are incredibly stupid. MOHINDER.)

Also, I have TWO Ghost Whisperer recaps to get up, one which was incredibly boring and didn’t feature one single nightgown and another which featured Dash Mihok, formerly of Cavemen. Pop quiz. Which is worse: “Starring” on Cavemen, or being a one-shot detective character on Ghost Whisperer? It’s like a Zen Koan!

P.S. Penthius is still not a real search engine, people!


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