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This just in! Ted Mosby is NOT a jerk!

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It appears that the crazy girl from that crazy episode of How I Met Your Mother, the one who created the website didn’t count on all the girls Ted has dated who feel he is NOT a jerk. Specifically, Victoria, she of the cupcakes.

In a transparent bid to save Ted’s reputation, another website has been started with testimonials from all the girls Ted has dated, including Robin, who would not trade the time she spent with Ted for “literally all the Grizzly Paw Ice Cream Sandwiches in the world.” Mmmm. We Canadians love Grizzly Paw Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Victoria also has a theory. Her theory is that it isn’t Ted who’s the jerk, it’s Conan O’Brien. Well, Conesy IS a known womanizer. He won me over. And he DOES have those delicate, womanly hands. It appears Ted’s reputation as a jerk will be short-lived. His reputation as a bit of a girl, however, lives on. But that’s OK. Women love a guy who’s in touch with his feminine side. Mostly, that means we want you to pluck your eyebrows a little bit. Just so you don’t look like Bert.

In MORE How I Met Your Mother news, Carter Bays has been commenting that he’d like to have Britney back on the show. And since I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Dr. Stella Zinman, I’m certain her perky receptionist could make another appearance. Perhaps she’ll even be back as the blond who’s ruining Barney’s ability to score! Don’t worry Barnacle. Just whisper sweet nothings into Robin’s ear again. I think she’s about half a glass of wine away from accepting your pleading invitation.

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What else are we here at boobtube watching? I can’t speak for the other gals, but I’m preparing myself for the return of The Office by watching a few of the episodes I missed last fall. I love the show, but sometimes, it’s so awkward, I can’t bring myself to watch.

There have been some rumours floating around that The Office is close to creating a spin-off. One can only assume this would mean good news for Dwight. Or possibly the other minor characters. I’d love to watch the escapades of Oscar and Angela with the occasional creepy interlude from Kevin.

But mostly, I’m worried they’ll dilute the awesome. Watch out, guys. For every Frasier, there’s a Joey. And let’s ask ourselves… how good was Frasier anyway?


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  1. All your talk of HIMYM is KILLING me. We’ve only had the first two seasons here on some insanely obscure cable channel watched by maybe two people; now I have moved to a quasi-squat I have no access to it at all.

    I’m having severe Swarley withdrawal symptoms, and you ain’t helping. The late arrival of telly to the UK is a tragedy, particularly when the wrong channels buy shows and tuck them away. Thank heavens for terrestrial getting hold of Pushing Daisies.


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