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Golden TV Moments This Week

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And I’m back! I know I implied that we’d all be back a lot sooner but then I drowned in schoolwork. And some family issues. But–but!–things have hopefully settled down for now. So, moving on. I’m starting a new weekly feature in which we, I, all of us whomever highlight our favorite moments from the current week. I have two this week and they’re both from our friends at Comedy Central.First up is Mr. Jon Stewart riffing about the Pope’s visit to the US and the press’s coverage of such. My reason for choosing it is very serious and scientific. I chose it because I laughed at it a lot. A LOT. What I’m trying to say is, awesome speech, Mr. Stewart.

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My second video is from The Colbert Report. Sen. Clinton’s cameo was hyped and Sen. Obama’s appearance was a cool surprise, but it was Sen. Edwards who stole the show.

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Can I get a jetski, too?


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  1. AHHHH! Salami! I’m glad I watched these things on the teevee, because I can’t watch these stupid comedy central videos! The Edword was awesome. I mean… legendary. Jetski.


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