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How I Met Your Mother: Best. Beek. Ever.

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Hello friends.

I know, I know. I should wait until the END of the week until I post Golden TV moments. But I am pretty confident nothing will top the awesome power of last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

I know you all think I’m going to say the best moment in all the TV land this week was Robin Sparkles’ Sandcastles in the Sand video. Check it out:

Alan Thicke! Tiffany! A second appearance by Robin’s sidekick, the robot! Don’t forget the robot, guys! I’m sure this song will be running through your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome. It WAS awesome. But it’s not AS awesome as Robin and Barney . . .

. . . crossing the 49th Parallel. Yeah I did! What up, Carter Bays? You can have that one for free! Next time, throw in a reference to Saskatchewan. As it stands, I’m taking the “Alberta to Ontario” reference as a shout-out, since that was my chosen path.

Actually, now that I’m done giving myself a self-congratulatory high-five, I have to say the hookup at the end wasn’t even the best thing about the episode. In fact, there were SO MANY golden moments, I cannot limit myself to just one. So I present to you:

The top five MOST awesome things about How I Met Your Mother this week:

5. Canada jokes. Hey, we’re a funny people. We can take it. Red provincer? In Canada, that means Simon is a lefty Liberal! My favourites were Lily’s well-crafted “Did he tell you he just wasn’t inuit?” joke and the crude and ill-formed “Ummmm… something about fur trapping?” from Ted. Excellent delivery from Josh Radnor on that one. Oh, and it’s true. Canada’s summer DOES last a week and a half. It’s late April and I’m packing for a trip home (to the deep West) and taking a parka and snow boots. Cuz it’s a stormin’.

4. Van Der Beek as Robin’s first true love, Simon. There. I said it. Perhaps beer pants are only funny to me because once, I saw Godzilla at my home town’s only theatre with a guy who snuck beer in. The words “I wore my beer pants” definitely crossed his lips. The part where Simon patiently explains to the group how he saves lives at the Splish-Splash Ottawa Waterslide Park and gets Ted to demonstrate how HE would do it? Brilliant. “A kid just died.” Haha! Should’ve put your hand up, Ted!

3. The video itself. Again, they go above and beyond for a laugh. They actually recorded the song and made a whole video! Bravo, over-achievers! I like your style!

2. Murder Train by the Foreskins (seeking representation) playing over the “please adopt us” puppy corner montage on the evening news as hosted by Robin. Classic!

1. No, not the kiss. It was pretty great, but I liked the moments leading up to it better. Right before Barney and Robin head back to her place to “watch the video” and Barney finds her crying in the booth at the bar, he comforts her as only Barney can: by telling her she’s the most awesome person he knows.

And isn’t that was every girl wants to hear? Seriously. Robin is looking for some validation. And Barney will give it to her. (Oh yeah, he will!) After that, who knows? But Neil Patrick Harris is totally selling the idea that Barney is either head over heels for Robin or heading that way fast. After all, it’s not just any girl he’d take to play lazer tag, share cigars and bro out with. I think Barney really and truly cares for her, and not just as another conquest. Normally, I’d expect the show to take a lame turn from here. The point on Friends where it started to all-out suck was when everyone found out about Chandler and Monica. I’m telling you, that was the end of anything funny on that show. So I understand the worry that with this hookup, Barney’s… awesome will be harnessed and Robin’s dreams discarded in favour of sitcom hijinks and societal stereotypes. But I have faith.

This show’s commitment to continuity and character is legendary and every time I’ve expected something, they go the other way with it, so I’m not worried about womanizing Barney hanging up his suit or career-oriented Robin turning into bridezilla. I get the feeling the writers respect this show and these characters too much to let that happen.

I also think that the show itself is back on track after the long winter of our discontent from the Writer’s Strike. Besides its witty, fun dialogue, attention to detail, brilliant acting and quotability from all the characters (Revertigo? Marshall, I love you), it hits all the right notes with “the kids today.” Well, the kids today who are my age. That’s how we talk, that’s how we are, that’s what we do. So forget comparisons to Friends. How I Met Your Mother is FAR funnier than Friends. And if it takes Britney Effing Spears to get people to watch it, well dammit, Doogie, take one for the team!


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