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How I Met Your Mother – This is totally going in my blog!

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Kids, tonight I’m going to tell you about how I got a shout out on a primetime network TV show.  It was May of 2008. Springtime in Canada. That’s the dream.

But first, we need to go back. To. . . earlier springtime in Canada. A month earlier.

Robin and Barney had just slept together. As soon as they “stopped watching” Robin’s Sandcastles in the Sand video, they boned. And hundreds of fangirls started tapping out “Barney and Robin get married and have many babies and then die together” fanfic. Okay. Just one fangirl did that. It was kind of creepy. Since, you know, that’s the opposite of anything these two characters would ever do. But that’s fandom for you!

I was busy writing this entry.

Too lazy to read the entire thing? I hear you, Internets. Follow me to the jump for the pertinent parts. (Pertinent. From the Latin meaning awesome.)

Alan Thicke! Tiffany! A second appearance by Robin’s sidekick, the robot! Don’t forget the robot, guys! I’m sure this song will be running through your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome. It WAS awesome. But it’s not AS awesome as Robin and Barney . . .

. . . crossing the 49th Parallel. Yeah I did! What up, Carter Bays? You can have that one for free! Next time, throw in a reference to Saskatchewan. As it stands, I’m taking the “Alberta to Ontario” reference as a shout-out, since that was my chosen path.

I went on to categorize the top five things about that week’s episode. But pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the part where I say that I would like them to throw in a reference to Saskatchewan.

On tonight’s episode, Robin reveals why she doesn’t believe in miracles. It has to do with her childhood pet dog, Sir Scratchewan.

Sir Scratchewan! Saskatchewan! COME ON! I win! What UP, dog? ME! I’m AWESOME! That’s what! Self-congratulatory high-fives all around!

Anyway, now that Barney and Ted’s dudevorce is over and the bromance is back on, I’m totally up for the next season of this show. It got a little weird there when nobody was talking. It was like… Barney and TED were the ones who had ill-advised sex. Um. Uh-oh. I think I hear fandom warming up their keyboards.

Also, thanks to Marshall, my head feels all itchy.


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  1. I’m linking this at my blog

  2. Hahaha! I hope you included testimonials from funnier people and a 20-minute rant/song about cylons.

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