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Gossip Girl Season Finale: You take a piece of me…

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Ha! Did I say later that night? Yeah, I meant in a few days. Sorry, the season finale of Gossip Girl was so emotionally exhausting that I passed out after watching my Tivoed How I Met Your Mother (see last post for more details on that show). So…shall we?

Oh my God. It’s funny–the episode overall left me feeling kind of deflated but then again, maybe that was because my nerves were kaput after all the UP! and DOWN! during the episode. Couples got together, couples fell apart, new couples form and Georgina got dismissed (see last clip). But first, the couples.


I can see where Dan is coming from in this scene–I’ve been questioning the wisdom of Serena’s telling Dan she cheated on him instead of the truth–but for the love of balls, it’s her mom’s wedding. NY Magazine’s Vulture pointed out how hilarious it is that Dan says he’s so understanding when he totally is not and this is a perfect example. “I guess.” Ugh. This scene is the film equivalent of last week’s STABBED IN THE HEART Us Weekly cover. Then UP!:

*sniff* Shut up! Bonus points for the DCfC playing in the background. Chris from the band posted a splendid entry about it at Stereogum. And as for that scene, it was bittersweet as Dan and Serena are dunzo. At least for now. But what about our other favorite couple?

That’s right–Lily and Bart did get married! Oh, wait. That’s not who I meant to talk about at all. Some may call them Chair but I have a strict no-shipnames policy. It’s just Blair and…who are you again?

Oh, that’s right. Chuck Bass. Well, all aboard–we’re hopping on the Chuck Express. Yes. Just the way he’d like it. Blair and Chuck, first scene: Up? Down? Don’t know, don’t care. This scene was worth it for the scarf tidbit alone:

And then we get to the wedding, where Chuck accidentally lets slip his true feelings for Blair in a conversation with Nate. After Chuck’s suspicions about Nate’s father turn out to be partially true–he wasn’t buying drugs but he was being shady–Nate realizes Chuck that was looking out for him and they make up. Awwww.

Oh and Nate and Vanessa break up. Awwww. Insofar as they can break up–they’ve been dating for what? Five minutes? Of course, as Vanessa says, they’re looking for Chuck inside and that’s because it’s time for him to give his speech as Best Man. So now we return to Chuck and Blair and it’s an UP!:

And still moving UP! (as partially seen in the Dan and Serena dancing scene):

But of course, it all came crumbling DOWN!:

Sigh. I suppose Chuck’s last line is supposed to make up for it. Did it? Well…a little. But like most things in life, Upper East Siders, it ain’t got nothin’ on Blair:



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  1. You know what? I think the line “I’m Chuck Bass.” Might have convinced me to watch this show.


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