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Gentle reader, how do you feel about spoilers? I ask because although we try to be fairly conservative when it comes to spoilers, we know that certainly not everyone feels the same. By fairly conservative, I mean that when we write about in-season episodes, we hide spoilers behind the jump. (On that note, please accept our apologies for the fact that the syndicated feeds have been having trouble lately keeping spoilers hidden. That feed’s got a big mouth.) However, if we were to refer to something like The Empire Strikes Back, we’re not going to dance around the whole “I am your father” thing. (Sorry if we just spoiled you. We felt it’s time you knew.)

What prompted this? Well besides the trouble with the syndicated feeds, I just read a post on another TV blog concerning a certain program’s recent season finale, which I have not seen yet. Taking the Empire example from above, this is how the post is written:

“Wow! Can you believe Vader is Luke’s father? Incredible stuff there.

*Yoda, o hai*

Well, that was a great one. If you missed it, you can watch it at [this website].”

Yeah, I can’t wait to watch it now. I’m going to be so surprised!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go work on my Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bars.

But first–on the subject of season finales, regarding Criminal Minds, whose finale I just watched earlier: OMG.


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