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Dearly Beloved: The Cancelled Shows

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1 vs 100
Aliens In America
Back To You
Beauty And The Geek
Big Shots
Bionic Woman
Canterbury’s Law
Cashmere Mafia
Cavemen 😦
Clash Of The Choirs
Crowned: The Mother Of All Beauty Pageants
CW Now
Just For Laughs
Kid Nation
Las Vegas
Life Is Wild
Men In Trees
My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad
New Amsterdam
The Next Great American Band
Notes From The Underbelly
October Road
Online Nation
Oprah’s Big Give
Power Of 10
Pussycat Dolls Present: What’s that Girl’s Name Again?
The Return Of Jezebel James
Secret Talents Of The Stars
The Singing Bee
Viva Laughlin
Welcome To The Captain
Women’s Murder Club

Stay tuned for our thoughts on the sneak peeks at the new kids on the schedule. In the meantime, you might want to check out this list of shows that were put down after one night. has a list of those as well, along with a wealth of other articles you might enjoy. In fact, if I’m not writing my post for BoobTube, it’s probably because I’m reading lists at Cracked. Or fighting hobos. One of the two.


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  1. I am absolutely distraught — DISTRAUGHT! — to see that unhappy smiley next to Cavemen! People who are sad to see that show gone: Salome. It’s a short list. Not even the people ON IT liked it!

    I am also a little distraught to see that Lipstick Jungle isn’t included here. It was fairly hideous and not really all that different from Cashmere Mafia in its hideousness.

    Also missing: Life. Sorry Damian Lewis, but I remain unconvinced of your show’s non-craptitude.


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