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MST3K: I should really just relax.

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And now, some favorites from MST3K! It would take me a lot of words to express how much I love this show and I still might not be able to fully express how I feel. So, I’ll just borrow some words from Alec Wilkinson, who described another one of my early loves thusly: “…a willful, remorseless, evanescent and arcane, infidel, raucous and occasionally clumsy inside joke, and you got it or you didn’t, but, either way, it’s gone, one extravagant means of making noise in the world disappeared and no more easily replaced…” Yeah. That’s about it.

First up, for Tanis, it’s a compilation of the many nicknames Mike and the bots give the lead “actor” in Space Mutiny:

Speaking of Canadians, here’s the Canada Song:

Back to another compilation–this time, it’s from Final Sacrifice and it’s a tribute to the most beautiful name in the universe, Rowsdower.

An old Oscar special. “Bill Paxton leads a daring expedition to bookend the plot.” Good God, I miss this show.

A twofer from Warwelf, er I mean, Wurwalf…uh, something.

And the credits:

You can also check out how many hairstyles whatshisface goes through during the course of the movie.

A selection of clips from some of my favorites, including Agent for H.A.R.M., Horror at Party Beach, Soultaker, and Puma Man:

A montage from my all-time favorite MSTed movie, The Deadly Bees:

And finally, a rough cut of Diabolik, the final episode. The crew surprised the guys by slipping in a selection of past clips:

And that’s that. There were many, many other clips I wanted to show and I might do that in a later post.

And don’t forget to send in your TV questions! I’m going to start answering those later tonight and should probably have the first post up tomorrow. Until then, bye now, okay?


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