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Return of the Team: Ghost Whisperer, summer shows, and gossip.

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Hey, y’all!

As you probably can guess, I started a new semester and then promptly buried myself in schoolwork. And then Tanis had to fight off creepy handsy dudes while that webslinging menace is still on the loose. Jess, our spiritual adviser, is on the lam for a little bit. Besides that, things will be a little slower this season–we’re not going to do Golden Moments regularly again until the new TV season starts. But we do have many things to talk about. Tanis and I will be telling y’all what we wish was on TV [see Tanis’s post here], I will get your TV questions answered finally AND I will recap some episodes of Ghost Whisperer. Tanis was cursed in Tagalog–I wonder what reaction I’ll get…

Speaking of that show, Perez Hilton thinks you guys don’t exist. In a post about Jamie Kennedy joining the cast, the gossip blogger describes the show as “…the Jennifer Love Hewitt TV show no one watches but is still on the air!” Mind you, this is the same person who didn’t understand why Nickelback would be signed to a Live Nation deal. (I’m not exactly their biggest fan, either, but they’ve been very successful–their 2005 album All the Right Reasons is the only album released that year or since to sell more than six million copies.) Oh and apparently, Castro’s not dead yet. So basically, take it all with a grain of salt.’s Brendan recently said (regarding Hilton’s kerfuffle with Lily Allen), “Everyone does know that Perez makes up his inside sources, right? He just makes shit up. If he doesn’t like you, he pretends he has inside sources and then talks shit about you. I talk to producers and actors all the time, I’m repped by a major major major agency as a screenwriter, yet no one ever tells me shit…If you don’t kiss up to Perez like Paris Hilton does, he attacks you.”

Just like us! Except substitute “kiss up” with “entertain us and/or make sense.” See ya in a bit!


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