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Christopher Gorham and Freddy Rodriguez must have been surprised to hear Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta’s proclamation that the actors were “all moving” and “all excited.”

The show is moving production from LA to New York, which is awesome for the realism of the show. It’s always nice when a show is shot where it’s based. HOWEVER. . . Christopher Gorham has signed on to Harper’s Island and won’t return this season. I don’t know much about this new show, except there’s an island. And it’s mysterious. And how come that sounds familiar? Oh. Right. Riiiiiiight.

Freddy Rodriguez, on the other hand, has elected to do one episode and then do more feature films. And if that translates to more movies where he’s hot and kicks ass and kills zombies . . . I’m down. I confess my crush on him and fully admit that he was one of the things that saved this season for me.

And they’re bringing in Val Emmich to play Betty’s NEW love interest.

I know this is essentially a soap opera, and it’s a pretty damn entertaining one, but my suspension of disbelief is stretched  too thin. Unless they ugly this guy up, this will make three hot guys who stumped for Betty’s attentions and one ugly guy. This is the FOURTH DUDE who’s been like “Oh, Betty! Though I could be banging models, we’re pretending I’m as ugly as you are for the sake of ‘Must give Betty a love interest.’ ” I started out loving Henry, then had enough when the baby mama drama started. Gio was a peach. I don’t want to see him break Betty’s heart or her break his. Please, show. No more character assassination. I really liked Gio. And even though I’m 99% sure they didn’t intend to have Betty go off to Rome with him, I almost hope she did. Everybody should get to have one mediterranean fling with a hot-ass hottie. Even Ugly Betty.

This Val guy, I recall him from 30 Rock as Liz’s young boyfriend. He a’ight. I guess.


I watched an interview with How I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor recently and he said they filmed Sarah Chalke’s character saying “yes” and “no” to Ted’s proposal. I think it’s a yes and this season will see a schmoopy love affair leading to the eventual breakup and leading to the revealation of the mother. But I can’t pretend I care about that as much as I care about how they’ll play the Robin and Barney developments. And the development where I’m amazed I still like all the characters equally after four years and think Lily and Marshall don’t get their due. Jason Segal is hilarity itself.


Don’t count Professor Jay Mohr out of Ghost Whisperer’s cast just yet. I saw a clip of his new show, Project Gary, is perhaps the shittiest CBS sitcom I’ve ever seen. Shittier, even, than Two and a Half Men. So, you know, pretty shitty. (I had to clarify that it was CBS, because ABC still takes the cake for premiering Cavemen and Carpoolers in the same season.) I don’t know what to think about that. It could mean America will love it. Because, you know, Two and a Half Men still exists. It could also mean Professor Jay Mohr will be back. From the grave? I guess we’ll have to tune in to Ghost Whisperer next season to find out. I can’t believe I’m intrigued by a plot point on this show. I hate myself for it. I’m totally going down a shame spiral right now. I’m going to have to pop in my Arrested Development DVDs to make up for this.


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  1. I really love this character Gio. One of the best additions to the show so far. I was really hoping they would make Freddy Rodriguez a regular for season 3. So these rumors are really shocking.
    I am still wondering they say that “Freddy Rodriguez has elected to do one episode and then do more feature films”. Which are these films? I thought he only had Bodega Dreams coming next. He already finished Humboldt Park and Bottle Shock. Interesting.

  2. I loved Gio, too. I don’t know how they’re planning on sending him off, but I hope it’s open ended enough to leave room for him to come back. In other words, don’t get shot in a convenience store, Gio.

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  4. I wish they’d relax on the love interest tip. Betty has what–ONE friend? And they’re only really friends when it serves the plot. I know she’s serious about her work but let the girl go out once in a while or stay home and watch silly movies together.

  5. You make a good point. Man, Christina might as well have the word “convenient plot contrivance” stamped on her forehead. Christina, we need somebody to find the secret sex room! Christina, we need somebody to be a paid surrogate for Wilhelmina’s devil spawn! Sheesh!

    I think they do themselves a disservice by announcing straight out that Emmich is going to be Betty’s new love interest. Whoever is announcing this shit should maybe learn how to sell the milk, not the cow.

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