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Criminal Minds Fall News

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The other day, Tanis and I were talking about how Criminal Minds has managed to take elements of other shows in the crime/police/scary stuff genre, like Without A Trace, CSI, and Law and Order: SVU and turn it into something way more watchable. Like, they have had interesting guest actors without it being all dun dun DUUUUN!!! stuntcasting. This upcoming fall, they’ll have Jason Alexander playing a man who shows up at the BAU and confesses to killing, but neglects to mention who his victim or victims are. So, the team will have to pull off a reverse profile. That episode should air during November Sweeps, a month after Wil Wheaton guests on the show. Whee!

In other CM fall news, there is that pressing whogotit, as in, who done got blowed up? When we last saw the team, there was that mystery explosion at the end of the season finale. So who do you think it targeted? I see from my lurking around the web that many people seem to think that either no one got hurt or it was JJ. I would hate for it to be the latter, although I do wish they’d blow up her relationship storyline.


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