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New TV: “Raising The Bar”–Well, that would be a start.

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I just saw a commercial for Raising The Bar, the new show on TNT and wow, what an overload of sensory information. First off, your brain shouts, “That’s Zach Morris!” No matter how old Mark-Paul Gosselaar gets or how long and brown he styles his hair in his serious ACTING! role, your brain will always retain the ability to recognize him. And speaking of that hair, oy. Let me borrow an item from their Downloads page so we can kill two joke birds with one stone, as it were:

Oh, my. First of all, I had that haircut once. I was three. Second of all, let’s soak in that graphics work. What does that even mean? This isn’t some “I Went To Coeur D’Coeurs And All I Got Was This Delicious Cup Pie” t-shirt. (I’ve got Kristen Chenoweth’s meth intervention song on the brain.) This is “LOL, I Had To Go To Court.” Oh, and “LOL, It Wasn’t A Civil Case.” So strange. Although speaking of songs and the law, Raising the Bar is the baby of one Stephen Bochco, whom we celebrate for such television watermarks as Cop Rock. Okay and Commander In Chief, NYPD Blue, Murder One, LA Law, Hill Street Blues–and Bochco, why couldn’t you have made another Doogie Houser? Granted, it wouldn’t have been groundbreaking television but it might keep me awake. Will this show?

The series revolves around a group of law school classmates who find themselves on opposite sides of the criminal law.

Uh, sorry Team Bochco (there are at least three listed in the credits for the show)–I’ve got an appointment wash my hair bathe a dog. It looks like I’ll have some company, though. Well, cup pies, anyone?

Make yourself some cup pie, too:

Pumpkin (See more recipes from the Pie Hole here.)


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