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Gossip Girl S2 premiere: Shout When You Wanna Get Off The Ride.

So, the new season of Gossip Girl began last night. Did ya watch? Well, I did! (Again.) Overall, I was very charmed by the episode. Here are some of my favorite parts.

Eric: I really adore him. It was very cool to get to see much more of him than we usually do and nothin’ but nice that it wasn’t in a Tragic!Eric way. Really nice to see him not only call Jenny on her earlier bullshit but also forgive her. “And since it’s not like I have many friends myself, I guess I could use every lying, manipulating, backstabbing one I can get.” Eric, why so awesome? Here’s another great Eric moment:

Hee! And of course, that moment features our in-house scoundrel, one Charles Bass. Of course, at the beginning of the episode he found out that Blair was partially wrong–there is at least one other crazy bitch around and her name is karma. The sight of Chuck standing at the jitney…stop? station? I dunno? with flowers in hand as Blair arrived was somewhat surprising considering that the last time we saw him, he was “I’m Chuck Bass”ing his way out of Blair’s summer. On the other hand, it wasn’t surprising in the least that Blair would find a way to replace him. Too bad for Chuck that it happened just as he was realizing he wants a wee heart pin sewn on his (assuredly sherbet-hued) sweater. But there is still one speedbump in the Chuck/Blair OTP canon and that is, of course, Chuck himself. Or rather, his ability to say just three words (and as we see in the clip, no, it’s not “I’m Chuck Bass”):

And then there is our other main couple, Lonely Boy and the goddess Serena. After an assist from Serena’s grandmother (who, of course, tried to drive them apart in “Hi, Society”), Dan showed up at the White Party just in time to see Serena helping Nate make his older and married secret consort jealous. And by “helping,” I mean “making out with.” Dan didn’t stay on his high horse for long, though, because two of the apparently many girls he’s been lovin’ and leavin’ all summer showed up. Oh and they were old pals by then. After a bath in red wine, we got this exchange between my a favorite couple:

Oh, I’ve got something in my eye. What? Shut up!

So all in all, a solid episode. I’ll leave you with my favorite lines:

Blair: “A hot lifeguard is like Kleenex–use once and throw away!”
Blair (to Chuck): “I wasn’t aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?” Ilu, Blair, for both of these.
On Jenny’s description of how exclusive the White Party is (so exclusive they turn away big name musicians): “Sounds like a party with taste”–ha! Check out Rufus with the Jack Johnson burn.
This exchange:
Blair–“Ooh, a honk instead of a knock. Did someone order a townie?”
Serena–“Oh God, the lifeguard has a Camaro. And not in an ironic ‘I’ve got a Camaro’ way.”


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