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Sara Benincasa for Vice-President!

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Today’s instalment of Wishful Thinking, where we tell you about stuff we wish was on TV, is brought to you by Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and the women who make fun of her so we don’t have to.

Not only does Sarah Benincasa get the accent right on, I am almost 100% sure that when McCain called Palin up to offer her the V-P spot on the ticket, she said “Who *is* this?” You know. Cuz he only met her the one time and all. There are now six V-logs from “Sarah Palin” as assisted by her cousin Dina, and I double dog dare you to try and get through just one of them without killing yourself with laughter. Pro-tip: You cannot.

Benincasa is also the significant other of Ces Marciuliano, the man who writes the newspaper comic strip Sally Forth. It probably appears in your hometown newspaper. Go ahead. Check. I’ll wait. See? I told you. He also writes his blog, Francesco Explains It All and Medium Large.

You know how in recent years, Saturday Night Live sort of realized that they could find hot new talent on the web? Well guys, I am telling you for reals to find this woman and hire her on SNL. Because it needs more funny women. And she is. A woman. And funny

Get on my TV, Sara Benincasa! Please?


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