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There Will Be More Blood And Other TV News

  • On the heels of the news that True Blood jumped 24% in the ratings, HBO has announced that they are picking up the nascent show for a second season.

    “We’re in a business where we have to believe in the show — and the show is fantastic,” said Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming group and West Coast operations. “It gets better in every episode. The show deserves a second year whatever the ratings.”

    The early pickup also sends a reassuring message to fans, Lombardo noted. “It says, ‘It’s OK to get hooked on the show, it’s coming back.'”

    *sniff* Thanks, Mr. Lombardo. The second season will begin next summer, as part of HBO’s goal to return to year-round Sunday night programming.

  • Speaking of ratings, Fringe’s jumped an astounding 45%. Oh, JJ Abrams. Don’t you go breaking our hearts. 90210 gained more viewers, stopping their 2nd week slide. I’ll bet that jump was sparked by the reveal of Kelly’s baby daddy. [It’s this guy.]
  • The first episode of 60 Minutes featured interviews with Presidential candidates Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey so fittingly, the program will start its 40th anniversary celebration by interviewing candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. That episode airs Sunday, 21 September.
  • That shriek of excitement you just heard is likely Tanis finding out that The Daily Show’s Jason Jones will be guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother soon. He will be playing Stella’s ex. Sarah Chalke plays Stella and I’m sure her return will only heighten speculation that she is the titular Mother.

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