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2008 Primetime Emmys Liveblogging

7:11 PM: I am actually very fond of Piven but I love NPH. Also, I missed the first few minutes because I was visiting my Grandma at the nursing home so I’m going to cheat and look at someone else’s live blog. Ah, this is the first award? Ahem, I mean I’ve been here the whole time.

7:18 PM: What the balls is with this format?

7:20 PM: Wow, Jean Smart. I did not see that coming.

7:29 PM: AWESOME. Ilu, Mr. Ivanek. Sorry they effed up your name. I can relate. But again, congratulations!

7:34 PM: I didn’t even see the beginning and yet I know that Gervais teasing Carell is 100x funnier.

7:37 PM: Eh, that was anti-climactic.

7:43 PM: I am bolding the winners in the prediction post.

7:44 PM: Best supporting actress drama goes to…Diane Wiest. Did I predict her? No! Dammit, I knew I should’ve picked her.

7:47 PM: Oh man, I can’t wait to see the Colbert Report on Monday. Good going, Colbert.

7:50 PM: “This is awesome.” This is not awesome. Stop talking, hosts!

7:51 PM: Woo, the Smothers Brothers! I am not being facetious at all. I love them, as I love Steve Martin.

7:53 PM: Tommy Smothers gets a standing ovation for his commemorative Emmy and he deserves both.

7:56 PM: Oh, Tommy Smothers. Never change. You too, Tivo. Stop trying to change the channel.

8:02 PM: Here comes our pal, Groban. I miss TV shows having theme songs you could sing along to. I know some still do but it’s rare.

8:03 PM: Oh, this is–this is very.

8:07 PM: I don’t know why, but I think the old man glasses make Alec Baldwin look even hotter. Now back to our award, best actress in a miniseries or movie. And it’s Laura Linney! I adore John Adams so I’m not bummed about getting it wrong.

8:08 PM: And she draws the parallel between the Founders and community organizing! OMG ILU LAURA.

8:16 PM: Remember when Carrie Fisher was on 30 Rock playing the subversive comedy writer and the jokes from her old show were unfunny and made no sense? Yeeeeeah.

8:19 PM: Why is Lauren Conrad presenting an Emmy? NO.

8:22 PM: A Pushing Daisies win! Cup pies for everyone!

8:33 PM: Huh? What? Sorry, I fell asleep there.

8:40 PM: Is it just me or did I just sit through 40 minutes of glorified filler?

8:44 PM: Okay, I am glad that Tom Wilkinson won. I love him and he did well as Ben Franklin. But Dillane was robbed. ROBBED!!!@!1!

8:46 PM: I heard vague rumblings that Colbert and Stewart were asked not to do political humor. If so, that was dumb. The prune bit was great.

8:48 PM: John Adams wins! Uh, for writing. “Complex thoughts in complete sentences.” But you don’t get to hear those because they mysteriously cut to commercial in the middle of one.

8:57 PM: Don Rickles is hilarious. But I’m still pissed off about their cutting off Kirk Ellis. What is so outrageous about praising the Founders?

9:01 PM: C’mon, John Adams! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now why don’t you cut off Kirk Ellis again, ABC?

9:02 PM: Aw, it’s Forrest Gump and his mama. I guess David Morse is the only actor besides Giamatti and Linney who is there since they keep cutting to him.

9:08 PM: Did they just send out NPH and Kristen Chenoweth to “Viva La Vida”? A’ight. NPH shows why we love him by referring to Howie Mandel’s “prattling.”

9:09 PM: Don Rickles wins. I am laughing already. Piven looks like he’s going to cry. I may cry. Rickles’s acceptance speech was both funny and moving.

9:14 PM: Glynn Turman is a classic Hey, It’s That Guy!. House just picked up a directing award.

9:27 PM: My browser crashed while both Paul Giamatti and Alec Baldwin were picking up awards. Then the Emmys sound crashed. And now Glenn Close wins.

9:30 PM: I will weep for the duration of the In Memoriam since they started with Carlin…until I laughed-cried during the Bernie Mac clip.

9:37 PM: Commercial break dancing to “Pull Over” by Trina.

9:38 PM: Bryan Cranston wins! YUSS!

9:41 PM: “And it’s respecting you.” I will use this as a pickup line, I promise. Tina Fey wins for best actress in a comedy as expected and of course, we love her.

9:50 PM: Ha! “Sufficient” is not a compliment.

9:53 PM: What is going on? They say they’re running out of time and they still drag out these bits!

Finally, it’s time for best comedy series. It is, of course, 30 Rock.

9:56 PM: And the last award of the night–hurrrrrr–goes to Mad Men. It is over. Almost. Still have to do the acceptance speech.


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