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Primetime Emmys 2008: Words matter.

Kirk Ellis spoke out in the Emmy press room about being cut off during his acceptance speech.

As soon as I got up there and opened my mouth, they were already flashing the ‘wrap it up.’ I find it really interesting that we can have 30 minutes of the show devoted to reality show hosts, when the people who actually create the work don’t get enough time to talk.

Trufax. Also, true is the summary by Maureen Ryan, whom I’m fangirling so hard right now. She described it as a “tedious and embarrassing broadcast.” Around here, though, we’d just say, “Balls.”

Really, great job, Emmys. Someone makes compelling television and you cut him off when he’s saying something important because God forbid we miss out on some banter. This is our TV future, innit?


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  1. Watching the “highlights” as they were laughably called, I wondered to myself “Self, is it opposite day?” Usually, I love the host and hate the broadcast and all the winners, who I usually feel are undeserving blowhards who have already been honoured anyway. So I say to the good people who made the choice to ignore Shaloub and Shatner: HUZZAH! Also: Booooo to those same folks who were like “You know what there’s not enough of? Face time for reality TV hosts.”


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