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Clay Aiken Comes Out And Other Shocking TV News

Yes, he did. Aren’t you shocked? I’m very shocked.

Wait–is shocked the right word?

  • I was surprised when I was reading Entertainment Weekly’s 15 TV Shows Where the Music’s a Costar that they didn’t list Cold Case. It is music, after all, that serves as a lodestar for acquainting us with the time period in which each case is set not to mention the fact that whole episodes have been devoted to the music of one artist, sometimes to their detriment.
  • In a development akin to your mom announcing that she has a myspace, we are now on digg. I will be digging TV news and links relating to that mostly, although my love for weird news will inevitably surface. I would make a pun like “can you digg it?” here but we’re not Entertainment Weekly.
  • The insult fest over the opening segment of the Emmys continues, although no one is answering the question I’m most curious about–how is Deal or No Deal a reality show?
  • Comedy Central is teaming up with my life coach Kanye West and the Crank Yankers team to do a show with puppets. I would like to poke fun but I love shows with puppets* so someone call the Leg Factory so I can have one to stand on.

*save Crank Yankers actually, because prank calls make me feel too tender


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