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Sleeping With Fish And Other TV News.

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  • David E. Kelley is expected to bring a script for a new show to the broadcast networks this week. It will be a legal drama. In related stories, the sky appears to be a cerulean hue and my bear friend over there has some shocking news.
  • ABC Family is working on a series version of 10 Things I Hate About You. Yes, I know. I know it hurts. They are also working on a series called Ruby and the Rockits, starring Alexa Vega. That one will be about a former teen idol and his newfound teenage daughter. Appropriately, regarding the teen idol aspect, Shaun Cassidy is one of the producers. Finally, the network will be making an original movie starring Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart. It will be titled Holy Shit I’m Old.
  • Spike is also working on original content, ordering a 2-hour pilot about the fallout following the departure of a mob boss. Initial reports say that said boss “vacates his position,” but I don’t think you can tender resignations in the mob. I think we can assume that he is a euphemism.
  • It’s not directly TV-related but I highly recommend the great interview The Hollywood Reporter has done with Kirk Douglas. It’s a fascinating look at the old political climate in Hollywood with the man who ended the blacklist era by giving Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood 10, his deserved screenwriting credit for Spartacus.

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