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Breaking news! Ghost Whisperer’s husband dies! Lonely women weep!

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Look, Ghost Whisperer fans. We warned you. You knew this was coming. And now it’s happened. The worst thing that could ever happen on this show has happened: Jim be dead.

No amount of heaving bosoms and mascara-dripping tears are going to bring him back. But please, by all means, start sending stuff to the network! We always think that’s funny.

From the way David Conrad has been talking in interviews, this is something he wants. And who could blame him? I’m sure it gets old, hanging around, being the shoulder to cry on. Being extraordinarily supportive and calm and loving for so long must get boring. And handsome. Hooboy. If he doesn’t come back from the dead, then I will sure miss his frequent near nakedness and wifebeaters. Mmmm… muscles. Anyway, from the exaggerated, tearful reaction Melinda had when Professor Jay Mohr left, I’m sure he’ll figure in. Expecially because Gary Unmarried has performed in a way that could be best described as: “Meh.” Which is a lot better than “blarg” but still not as good as “Huh. That Cloris Leachman sure cannot dance.”

Honestly, the only thing that show has provided me with is the opportunity to laugh very hard at a joke on the Daily Show IN PERSON. That’s right. I attended a taping of The Daily Show with some friends in New York and it. was. awesome. It also provided me with a golden moment to share with you all. I’m sorry I can’t embed it. I’m not at my own computer. Rest assured, following the link will take you to a segment from the Daily Show taping I attended. I laughed long and loud.

I’m away from home and can’t watch Jim die myself right now, but I set my recording device of choice and I’ll be sure to buy a bottle of champagnya for the occasion, because this trip was worth it. I got to meet my co-blogger, Salome for lunch and a walk yesterday and we toasted Jess’s absence with a plate of balls. Calm down! Falafel balls. We decided that we’re going to have to have, like, a mean girls conference at some point, where we can ALL meet up somewhere fabulous to giggle bitchily about bad TV. Until then, we’ll just have to content ourselves with the delicious, salty tears of Ghost Whisperer fans!



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