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Dorota, Dexter, and Deep Sleep.

Hi, guys! So I’ve been absent around these parts lately–I’ve been swamped with finals and I’ve also been recovering from dental procedures with the help of heavy medications (side effects may include sexual nightmares and/or sleep crime). However, I thought I should touch base at the Boob because for one, it’s been a while. And also, apparently Canada’s got the TV now!’s got a profile on Zuzanna Szadkowski, aka DOROTA!!!, and I daresay it’s the first profile I’ve seen there with nary a negative comment. Everyone loves Dorota! And how could you not?! Why everyone loves Dorota, in only five words: “Facebook. I joined few groups.”

By the way, I’ve got to talk about the last GG episode because some pretty big things went down, but that will be later, after I commune with my pillows. And some pudding (I’m finally watching the third season of Dexter).


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