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Ghost Whisperer: Shark? Check. Waterskis? Check. Let’s jump this thing!

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I love that fans of Ghost Whisperer JUST NOW think this show is jumping the shark.

Can we all just agree that the great beast has been jumped? That Fonzie went “Ehhhhhh!” and slammed the juke box and that one song came on and Mondays and Tuesdays are, indeed happy days? Because it’s true. In this last season, this show definitely broke something for the majority of its fans when Jim was killed off.

Now, for me, it just started to get interesting then, but in the wrong way. Let David Conrad go, for Pete’s sake! Let the new guy sink or swim, let J.Lo.Hew heave her bosoms and wear her nightgowns and cry her eyes out. Jim be dead.

On many websites we’ve gotten traffic from, there are a lot of fans with ridiculously cutesy screen names lamenting Jim’s death and pleading with the creators to just have our friendly neighbourhood ghost whisperer wake up with head trauma and the whole season thus far has been a really long, lame nightmare.

That would be SUCH a bad idea. I cannot believe I’m about to defend a plot point on Ghost Whisperer. I literally feel ill.

For starters the “PSYCH! She was dreaming the whole thing!” plotline has been used and used and used. It never works and only alienates more people than it wins back. It’s a sign of weakness that I don’t think is necessary to show, because the move to kill Jim off was not necessarily a weak or wrong one. To say “Yeah, we know. They were the loves of each other’s lives and it’s tragic that Jim’s dead, but when we’re truly ready to end this show, we’re going to have her walking into the light and saying ‘Hi, Jim. I missed you, baby.’  And it’s going to be awesome!” Also, when that happens, I’ll vomit rainbows and pink unicorns and candy-coated toothache inducing sprinkles. But you know, I’m hard to please.

All that said, I DO think they killed him off kind of early on in the season. It feels like something is off. They know they misstepped and they’re trying to regain some lost ground and it’s just not working. If they’d kept Jim in a coma, I’d willingly suspend my disbelief and continue thinking “this show is lame, but I am going to watch because how can I not?” But they didn’t. They made a bold choice in actually having Jim die for real and true. I mean, they had a funeral for him. People danced. And for what it’s worth, that was a great scene. And David Conrad? Is a much better actor than I ever gave him credit for. That scene in the hospital several weeks ago, when Melinda wakes up at Jim’s bedside and he tells her not to look at his corpse, to only remember him this way, alive and healthy and happy? Well… I’m a huge wuss. I actually smiled and maybe even sniffled a little. It was not bad writing and good acting (from Conrad, not J.Lo.Hew) and the plot has moved along at a believable pace and I think the dude who plays Sam is cute and I want to see how this all plays out, but it can NOT play out in the “Melinda and Jim who is not really Jim live happily ever after” sense. Nor can it play out in the “Wheeeeeeee! It was all a dream! A terrible, terrible, ghost dream! Tra-la-la!” way. So you’re bound to annoy some people and lose them as fans. The upside of that is, those people are dumb, so you didn’t lose much other than dead weight.

Bee Tee Dubs, I don’t think Melinda is pregnant. If she was, we’d know about it by now. That shit would’ve been pulled out for November sweeps. I won’t believe it if she’s pregnant by May sweeps. That will be too long from the time Jim died. And kudos to this show for not going that route. But if she’s pregnant with Jim’s kid by May sweeps, then this show is dead to me and I retract all the praise I gave it earlier and I will not hang around to make sure it crosses over into the light. Just, you know, FYI.

Also, you know what this show needs? A lot more naked Jim/Sam ass and… what the hell, I’m feeling generous toward the gentlemen… some nightgown cleavage. We’ve been getting a lot of leggings and sweaters this season. I know you’re depressed Melinda, but you didn’t just pack away all the nightgowns you owned, did you?


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