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Coulter Sliced And Other TV News.

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And we’re back. Before I start with the news, let me just say, I love Chuck Bass. More on that later. But first!

  • Ann Coulter was dropped from today’s uh, Today because the program wanted to focus on the Obama transition as well as the conflict in Gaza. However, “sources” insist she’s secretly been banned from NBC. Right.
  • Scheduling news: Soon Lost will be facing off against Fox’s new program Lie To Me and also against Criminal Minds. Gee, what will I pick? On Thursdays, Harper’s Island will be up against Kings so let me remotely set my Tivo–just a sec. Okay and I’m back. So finally, Fridays will feature both Dollhouse and Flashpoint in competing time slots. So I am not optimistic about the fates of either of them now.
  • Did you hear there’s a new Dr. Who? Are you surprised that there is already wank? Yeah, people who think they’re British are vehemently disagreeing all over the internet over whether he sucks or if he’s good enoughish to fill the shoes of the last doctor, that one guy. I don’t know this new guy, but I see that he was in the TV adaptation of Ruby in the Smoke, so the obvious conclusion is that I must search for this on Netflix. …And now it’s in my queue.

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