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Ghost Whisperer getting stale? No! Must be some other show about ghosts!

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Look, Ghost Whisperer, just once – ONCE – I wish you’d encounter a ghost who wasn’t sullenly angry and destructive at the start of the episode and then all “Wait! I’m just misunderstood! I’m confused! I need your help to miscommunicate my feelings to my still-alive family members! Oh! Oh! What’s that? Is that light? Is that for me? Pretty light!” at the end.


Don’t look at me like that! You’re the one wearing a purple tie with what appears to be a black shirt with bell sleeves!

And I wish you’d stop dragging out this “Sam – who is really Jim – is trying to find his fiance who he won’t remember no matter how hard he tries because Jim took over Sam’s body.” I thought it would be interesting at first, but I’m bored now. Either we get 0ver this right quick, or, I don’t know. I stop watching. Even just to make fun of it. There are only so many “Melinda almost cries because Jim doesn’t remember who he is!” scenes I can take before I start throwing things.

I mean, this show is all about grief and loss and how it’s OK, because when your loved ones die,  they will go into the light and the light is good. Personally, I don’t believe that, but to each his own. The fact is, Jim upset that balance when he decided to hang out in some other dude’s body. It’s strange that no otherworldly forces have intervened to be like “Um… guys? That’s not really kosher.”

And while we’re on the subject of strange, does anybody else find it odd that whenever Melinda needs a certain kind of help, she suddenly befriends a professor played by a skeevy standup comic turned actor who is an expert on the subject? Like, last season she was all “must find out about the paranormal and the other realm!” And Professor Jay Mohr is like “Hi, I totally got your back on that. By the way, you smell fabulous.”

And then this season, she’s like “My husband has passed away and it would be lovely if somebody could counsel me through my grief. Oh, and when I realize that my husband has actually not died but stepped into the spirit of another dude’s body and can’t remember his past life, if somebody could put him into some sort of hypno-regression therapy, that would be great.” And along comes Professor Jamie Kennedy, psychologist extraordinaire at her service with grief counselling and hypno-therapy and oh, yeah! The ability to hear (though not see) ghosts.

What’s going to happen next season? I know! Melinda gets tired of Jim hanging around in some other dude’s body and needs a priest-turned professor to perform an exorcism so she calls up Father Dane Cook who’s like “Hi! I’m gross!”

I bet that’s what happens. You just wait.

Also, big ups to Kyle Secor who played the beleaguered father on last week’s episode. Bravo Mr. Secor. You’re really cornering the market on tortured fathers who are totally just trying to protect their surviving children after a tragic accident/murder kills their other child. Good crying, though. I believed you!


Salome tells me that she saw a TV commercial for Television Without Pity. It featured the phrase “Spare the snark, spoil the networks,” which has long been their catchphrase. That’s fine, but I feel it should now feature the disclaimer “Paid for by NBC Universal and the Sheinhardt Wig Company.”


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