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John Mayer Has A TV Show And Other TV News.

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  • John Mayer’s CBS variety show is a go. Bless his heart. It will probably air as a special and if the ratings are good, then we’ll talk about picking it up. That’s right, just like your mom.

  • Gossip Girl will be spinning off a prequel series focusing on young Lily’s wild illegitimate baby-having youth. It will start as a regular GG episode, airing on May 11. It will be set in the LA area. Wait, wasn’t this The OC?

  • Don Cheadle has signed on a two-year production deal with Universal. On the one hand, I love Don Cheadle. On the other hand, he is an executive producer for Crash the TV series. Rethinking premise of the one hand. In related news, Steve Carell also signed a production deal with Universal.

  • American Idol ratings are not so hot. But its 30 million viewers are still the largest audience of any program this season, so whatevs.

  • Fox is remaking a telenovela called Lalola and calling it Eva Adams. They have cast Rhea Seehorn in the title role. Now let’s focus on the most important parts of this story.

    A) The plot, which focuses on “an egotistic, sexist agent who, under a witch’s spell, turns into a woman so he can endure the harassment he’s been dishing out” and B) The return to TV (as a series regular) of one James Van Der Beek.

    Oh, the glory.

  • Prison Break was canceled.

  • Audrey Plaza has been cast in the upcoming Amy Poehler project. Like Ms. Poehler, Plaza is an alumnus of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

  • After ER ends, hopefully in a blaze of amputating helicopters, creator John Wells’s new cop drama Southland will air in its place. Kings, which I am becoming more anxious for by the second, NBC!, will air on Sunday nights. March 18. Just two months.

  • A&E’s The Beast, starring Patrick Swayze, will premiere tonight at 10/9C.

  • And finally, goodbye to Ricardo Montalban. Headline News just told me that I would best know him for Fantasy Island but in my heart, I know it will always be KHAAAAAAAAAAN!


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  1. oh wow, no you are right. arent idols ratings just Horrible? sure, it may be nr 1 by at least 10 million to the nr 2 show, but still. wow.

    seriously, were you serious when you said that about idol’s ratings? you do realize that idols season 8 ratings were Better than for example their season 3 ratings?


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