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It’s The 80s, Babies And Other TV News.

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  • VH1 is making a “docusoap” wherein they will follow around Terrell Owens, aka TO, aka my five-month-old niece’s favorite thing to watch EVER. (I’m not kidding–she is freakin’ rapt whenever he is onscreen.)
  • Blah blah Ugly Betty blah blah Samantha Who? blah blah. If Ugly Betty is not canceled, hear us now: we want to like the show. Please stop telling the same story again and again. Let Betty grow.
  • Flight of the Conchords: They are successful in real life, unlike their TV counterparts, because there is a difference between TV and real life. Also, they are great:

  • ABC ordered three new pilots:

    Inside the Box–What if Murphy Brown were a producer and the show was an hour-long drama? Then you’d have this.

    I, Claudia–Young female attorney who might just take advantage of those eight million cracks Hillary Clinton put in the last political glass ceiling.

    Untitled Brothers and Detectives adaptation–Based on an Argentine drama, it focuses on a detective who finds out he has an 11-year-old brother who is adept at solving crimes. I suggest calling it Encyclopedia Marrón.

    ABC will also be making Flash Forward, about people who can see the future, and a redux of 80s cult classic V aaaand a TV version of The Witches of Eastwick. Finally, they are also making An American Family, a documentary-style sitcom that will actually focus on three families, including a gay couple with a newly adopted bebe. One half of the latter couple will be played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, formerly of The Class and Do Not Disturb, who deserves a steady gig. I hope this is it.

  • Fox is also focusing on the future, with Day One, a post-apocalyptic drama.
  • NBC is working on a cop comedy called Off Duty, which will star Bradley Whitford, lovely Romany Malco, and Bonnie Sommerville. The Peacock is also making a drama called Lost in the 80s, which has been compared to The Wonder Years, The Ice Storm, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • The Senate has passed a bill to extend the digital TV transition by four months. EDIT: And the House voted no.
  • Irritated with cast members learning things and relating, MTV’s next Real World will be set in Cancun.
  • British people are staying home with the glass teat more because of the recession. That’s good, because nothing makes you feel better about being broke than a constant stream of advertising. Isn’t that right, Patron Saint? All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values. I thought so.
  • And finally, Videogum has a preview of Jon Hamm’s appearance on 30 Rock and he is hot like fire.


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