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Barney Stinson: That guy’s awesome.

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Was it just me or did How I Met Your Mother make a couple of miss -steps during an otherwise fantastic episode?

One: A plotline about how much Marshall loves to dance and you don’t show him dancing? In fact, it’s already been established that Marshall loves to boogie!

And Jason Segal is clearly quite comfortable making a fool of himself on the dancefloor.

Golden opportunity missed. Ah well. Didn’t we almost have it all?

P.S. Lizzy Caplan needs to shoot a guest spot on this show.

Two: No video resume from Robin? We don’t get to see that? While is up and running, there is no corresponding site for Robin’s video. Well, there is, but only because some enterprising netizen went ahead and bought the domain name. Visit it and you will be met with a site that lets you onto a fan forum for the show.  Oh, what? You’re too lazy to type that shit in yourself? Too bad.

No matter. I feel absolutely certain (absolertain) we’ll see the resume at some point. For now, I content myself that the writers took my advice (shut up, they totally did! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!) and went specific when making fun of Canada. Red Deer in August. That’s the dream!

Three: While I’m quite aware that everyone wants Barney and Robin to get together, Barney’s almost proposal last night was too much. There’s no way he’d do that, especially not with Ted staring right at him. It would’ve been more realistic for, say, Ted and Lily, who both know that Barney has feelings for Robin, to take the opportunity to nudge him to do that and have him be all “Please!” I have my doubts about Barney’s committment to being a swinging bachelor forever, but he’s certainly not the type to get down on one knee in front of friends to propose a marriage of convenience.

Moving on to the great things:

One: For the first time in AGES I think Ted was my favourite character this week. His minor storyline with Dr. X was the funniest thing on the show. Meal Plan = Racist? Happenings? A resurgence of Ted’s college hair and spectacles? It’s not even my birthday! Oh, it was also the best thing off the show, since not only did they create a resume video for Barney, they created audio clips of Dr. X’s college radio show and made them available online.  Behold as Dr. X takes the cabbage of lies we’re fed and shreds it into some truth slaw right before your eyes! My favourite is the one where Dr. X takes on the Jockracy because it revists Ted’s love of medieval times and pretty much acknowledges that he was a  Society for Creative Anachronism/D&D geek. Josh Radnor is really much better than I give him credit for and I’ve said before that Ted is at his best when he’s being an unrepentant douchebag.

Two: Lily’s food babies were also awesome and watching her edit her resume to say she could eat 33 hot dogs was perfect!

Three: I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite and a terrible feminist, but I get a kick out of scenes where everybody makes fun of Marshall and Ted by calling them girls. I’m surprised they got away with this exchange:

Marshall: It’s serious! I might need surgery!
Ted: Vaginal rejuvenation surgery?
Marshall: You know who didn’t do a lot of operating on vaginas in college? Dr. X!

Four: This scene betwen Robin and Barney.

Robin: I can’t break 15 bricks with my forehead!
Barney: Robin! It’s not 1950 anymore! Yes you can!

Five: The extra stuff on Marshall, Ted and Lily’s resumes:

During the dunking competition Marshall won, his signature dunk was called the white windmill.

Lily is certified to teach English as a Second Language and is proficient in Quark, PhotoShop and Flash. What is she, competing with me for my job?

Ted was a head lifeguard once. Fatalaties on his watch: Zero.

Six: The made-up words. Insaneulous. Connectitude. Transformitation. Linkativity. Possimpible. Except that last one. I’m surprised they went with that as the title of this episode. It’s a little too close to pimple.

Seven: Robin’s admonishment to “wear a condom” as a signoff was brilliant. I love watching her TV journalism exploits because I have friends in TV journalism and being a print journalist, there is nothing – NOTHING – I like better than to sit around the newsroom at six o’ clock and make fun of the shitty anchors. CTV’s lead national anchor Lloyd Robinson signs off with “That’s the kind of day it’s been. Good night.” I snicker every time. Yeah, I’m mean. Don’t worry. I’ll get mine when print dies.

All in all, the boourns parts of this episode weren’t big enough to cancel out the positives. It still wasn’t as good as stuff they’ve done in the past, but there’s lots of time to do better!


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