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Incredibly stupid Ghost Whisperer moment number 4,391

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I came home from an evening at the bar last night to a newly saved episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Ridiculous ridiculousness number 1:

So this episode is about a sorority pledge who went missing during a hazing ritual gone wrong. Of course, the prospective sister has already appeared to Melinda and Professor Jamie Kennedy, so they think they know she’s dead. They’re in the woods searching for what he helpfully points out they know to be a body when everybody else is hoping for a rescue mission.Not so fast, Professor Jamie Kennedy. I wouldn’t rule out a tearful reunion between living family members just yet.

Melinda comes across one of the sorority nooses and touches it. It gives her a vision (this is new, right, this touching things for visions bit?) and she sees a bunch of sorority sisters gathered around a pledge with the bag over her head, giving her a question to answer as her “last hope to survive” since she didn’t find her token and all the other pledges did. She gets the question wrong. Melinda comes back to the present and the ghost is standing over her. “What did they do to you?” Melinda asks. “I won’t let it happen again” the ghost tells them.

This is the stupid part (well, ONE of the stupid parts):

The very next day, Professor Jamie Kennedy is on the campus talking to Melinda on a cell phone. He asks if her vision showed her how Courtney died.

Ummm…. when Melinda had her vision, she was standing right next to Professor Jamie Kennedy. So they would have talked about it then. Instead, I’m supposed to believe they just immediately went their separate ways and she tells him nothing, vying instead to fill him in over the phone the next day? DUM. Melinda should have been filling in Delia instead of Eli. Come on, writers!

Ridiculous Ridiculousness number 2:

Melinda’s dress when she is on the phone with Professor Jamie Kennedy. It is black and constructed of lace and dreams. And mostly see-through. You can see juuuuust about everything.

Basically, all you need to know about this episode:

Is that sororities are stupid, the ghost in this episode is exceptionally stupid and, of course, everyone hugs in the end except Melinda and Jim. Sam. Whoever.

See, Melinda is still keeping her ghost whispering abilities secret from Sam. Or Jim. Because, see, he jokingly asked her not to tell him that she thought he was her dead husband reincarnated. Hahaha! Oh, that’s a hot one, eh?

So while she’s whispering away, she’s been telling Jim/Sam that she’s volunteering at the fire house to help search for the missing sorority pledge. Melinda isn’t used to hiding things from Jim and therefore, has forgotten to be stealthy. She doesn’t figure on Jim/Sam coming to see her at the fire house only to see her in cell phone footage of the rescue. He begins to suspect she isn’t being truthful with him and later, when she lies about where she was during the rescue he knows she is.

ARGH. Annoying. You know they’re going to drag this “I don’t remember you. Plus, you lied to me!” bit for the entire rest of the season until the end, when Jim remembers everything and Melinda accepts that her new husband isn’t as hot as her old husband, but it doesn’t matter, because “it’s Jim’s soul.” Obscenely stupid.

Plus, how much does it suck to be Kenneth Mitchell? “Stand in front of this mirror for a few seconds. No, no. Don’t say anything. Thanks.” I hope he’s being handsomely compensated for this bullshit.


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