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TV News Unfrozen From Carbonite

I am sleepy and things are busy in Duckberg (hence my infrequent updates as of late), so here is a roundup of stories. Also be sure to check our Digg page for more links we find interesting.

British reality TV star is dying in the spotlight: Jade Goody, a young British woman who won fame on a reality television show, is playing out her final days in the glare of a celebrity-obsessed nation before she dies of cancer.

Showalter and Black team for new series: Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are working on a new show for Comedy Central that will premiere in July.

“Breaking Bad” hits the Web in mini episodes: They began Tuesday on AMC’s site and

NBC’s “War Criminal” series catching flak: It’s like To Catch a Predator, only with genocidal weewoos! For more on the Bill Conradt story mentioned in the link, here is Esquire’s feature.

And also from Esquire, Because They Hate Shepard Smith and Want Him to Fail, more “Hey, have you noticed Shep Smith is…you know, different?”


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  1. shep is not diffeerent, he is wierd!!! wierd like dum and tarted

  2. What’s wi-erd? Like, he drank a lot of coffee?

    Also: “Dum” and “tarted?”

    I believe this comment speaks for itself.

  3. Damn, I want to freeze that comment in carbonite.

  4. The Jade Goody thing is so weird (or wierd like dum and tarted, I guess). She’s not been out of the spotlight since Big Brother (which she didn’t even win), her life has always been insane (her mum is a one-armed drug addict, for instance), and – this is going to sound totally evil, but what the hell – I kind of suspect she’s faking and I won’t believe she’s not until she dies. Maybe not even then.

    Wow, that sounds even more evil now it’s written out. Maybe it would sound less so to British ears who’ve lived with Jade Goody As Celebrity for the last 100 years.

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