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Ghost Whisperer, pick up your face!

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It is my impression that Ghost Whisperer‘s David Conrad is as single as they come. He is a HUNK. And funny.

Now please correct me if I’m wrong about that single status, blogosphere (I know you will. Loudly. At great length.) but if it’s true, then why in holy hell does J. Lo. Hew not jump on that? Why would she, instead, be dating Jamie Kennedy, which is the rumour du jour?

Ugh! Down is up, up is down! Worlds are colliding! Is the sky orange? Is the earth rotating backwards? Because… this is just WRONG.

Although I will say that Jamie Kennedy has vastly improved since he started on this show. Earlier this season, he was puffy and unkept. It was like “Nobody has needed me for anything for years. I mean, you guys saw that Mask sequel, right?” It was like the producers took him out of a storage closet, brushed him off and threw him into the mix, only to realize he needed some grooming.

A better haircut, more flattering clothing and a more at-ease character is making him seem almost… dare I say it? Cute? Ugh. No. What am I doing? What am I saying? Gross!

OK. Moving right along….

My Friday nights are really sad. Here’s what I do: Go to work. Come home late. Pour a pint of alcohol, settle in to watch Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse and Ghost Whisperer. Sometimes, I save Ghost Whisperer for Sunday because watching that show makes me sad and I like to be happy. Which is why I watch those other shows. Because Tahmoh Penikett takes his shirt off on both. Thanks, Joss Whedon! You know how to make a girl happy!

Speaking of Joss Whedon related people… I wonder how Castle is doing. I really love Nathan Fillion, but… don’t we already have a Bones? Maybe Salome could tell you more about it. I think she’s watched at least one episode. I dunno.

I’ll probably be updating more throughout sweeps because guess who’s got two thumbs and was laid off? This girl! Hooray recession!


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