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You take that back! I never watched Castle! Look, I love Nathan Fillion. Looooove him. But this show just looks not good. If you watched it and enjoyed it, please let me know if I can get a Fillion fix painlessly. Now, moving on, tonight is shaping up to be an epic night on the boob tube.

First, if you’ve seen the new ER promo, you know that Susan Sarandon, Eriq LaSalle, and Julianna Margulies will be joining Noah Wyle on tonight’s episode. The promo says that “all” of your old favorites will be returning tonight so of course, that provokes the question of whether an unnamed person will also be on tonight. We are speaking of the salt-and-pepper fox himself, the one, the only…the Clooney. Weeeell, let’s go inside, shall we?

NBC has not officially confirmed it, as in, they haven’t come out and said, “George Clooney will be on tonight’s episode.” However, in an episode description that has now been altered, said “”Special guest stars Susan Sarandon, Noah Wyle, Eriq La Salle, Julianne Margulies (and the doctor Hathaway married).” Oh, who could that be? In addition, sources say Pretty Boy Ross will be on tonight.

Later, on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart will be facing off with Jim Cramer tonight. Mmm, delicious.

Finally, I watched Lie to Me last night (on purpose) and it was actually pretty good. In particular, I really liked the use of the mini-montages of famous people to demonstrate expressions. So A+, will watch again. Now I’m off to update our digg profile!


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  1. Mmmm…. Clooney in scrubs. I’d fuck that pediatrician.

    I have it on good authority (the news wire) that Stewart PWNS Cramer, who admits he should have done more to predict this meltdown. Stewart then takes the entire CNBC network to task for… ahem… “putting entertainment above journalism.”

    He also accuses CNBC of wilfully ignoring corporate dishonesty.

    This is why I love him and think he is the absolute fucking wit of our generation.

  2. I have also heard this information from the Streets. Not the actual streets–the British rapper. He’s amazing!


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