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I’m making a chart of people who could be the titular mother on How I Met Your Mother. Guess who’s at the bottom?

So dammit, How I Met Your Mother! Be serious, please! I KNOW you aren’t going to tell me that Stella is the mother!


In the mean time, Cecilia is totally shaking my confidence daily. Consider me pro-chart, Marshall! Though I loved the return of the intervention and Marshall’s standup routine about fish, it feels weird that Lily isn’t around. Still, this was my favourite part of this episode and the one that was the most fun. I also loved Dan Castalanetta as the homeless guy that Ted has to give a dollar to every day for the next million days.

I was also impressed with the way they handled Barney’s plot. Because if he’s going to try and woo Robin, he’s definitely going to have to¬† stop being such a huge whore. Two hundred IS too many. So I like that he ripped up his list, but the heavy-handed lingering glance at Robin while treacly music played? Meh. Maybe it’s just me, but it felt tacked on.

They should’ve ended with the reveal of Stella. Well, they should’ve ended with the reveal of anybody BUT Stella, but I seriously doubt she’s the mother. She’s just in the right place at the right time to introduce Ted to the mother. I hope. It’s not that I don’t like Sarah Chalke, but I feel like enough time has been spent on this and they worked hard to convince me that Stella and Ted are just not right for each other and I believe them and we need to move on.

So. What’s up with fish?


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