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Well whaddaya know? Fox grew a set and renewed Dollhouse!

We’re excited! Because there are certain things in the finale that were awesome. Like the reveal that Dr. Saunders was a doll named Whiskey. And that when Topher programmed her to take on the personality of the ACTUAL Dr. Saunders, he also programmed her to hate him. My theory is that they’re related. Sorry all you shippers, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. Not that a little thing like incest ever stopped fanfic writers.

The other awesome thing is, we can finally abandon this ridiculous “The Dollhouse is real and I. Must. Find. It.” plot. Tahmoh can definitely be better than he was in the first season and hiring Ballard on at the Dollhouse in exchange for November’s freedom is interesting. Plus, he works really well with Harry Lennix.

I was a little disappointed with their “Oops! Alpha got away! Off screen!” trick, but OK. I’m willing to go with them on it because Alan Tudyk was awesome in the role. So awesome that he basically showed us everything that is wrong with Eliza Dushku’s performance as Echo: She can’t act. But she tries hard and E for effort, right?

Anyway, I’m pleased that this show will get a second year. It was a nice surprise. I can only hope ABC follows suit with the Unusuals. Or, barring that, decides to go ahead and bring back Pushing Daisies. Or at least air the missing episodes. Jerks.


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