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Glee: You sure, Fox?

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GleeCarmelOkay, we’ve had a staggering number of visits from people wanting to know about Glee. At the same time, fans have pushed “Don’t Stop Believing” to number one in the iTunes store. [“Rehab” is also on iTunes, as well as the pilot, which is free.]

The thing is, last night’s airing was purportedly a sneak peek, with Fox intending to air the show regularly this fall. Really, Fox? You’re going to wait that long, while people are psyched for it now? Oh, okay.

Meanwhile, as seasons are finale-ing all over the place and reruns start, it seems like a great time to show something new while people have few other new options and have demonstrated genuine enthusiasm for your show–apparently, people like hearing not to give up. I know–I was surprised, too. But hey, you probably know what you’re doing.


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