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“Welcome to The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien!”

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Tonight Show Conan

One of us may have cheered. One of us may have teared up (shut up, I’m having blepharospasms). But whatever your reaction, a new era of late night is upon us. And to think that “they” said Conan would never last! (I remember one article criticizing the tone of the wood used for Conan’s first desk, because it clashed with his coloring.)

As for the show itself, it’s obviously just begun and is still finding its footing and other cliches, so I’m not going to make a definitive judgment, but it does seem to be the same spirit as Late Night. Check it out for yourself, though–tonight’s guests will be Tom Hanks and Green Day.


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  1. I clapped out loud when his old music started to play and my heart swelled two sizes when Andy was the announcer! ANDY! Conan just seemed so happy! And so was I!

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