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The best TV? More like THE WORST!

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The Television Critics Association has picked the best TV from the past decade for Daily Variety and at least one of their choices is so stupid that I don’t even know what to say.

Oh, wait. Yes I do. Here’s what I want to say about Lost being included as one of the best shows of the last decade. Ready?


Time will tell that the idea that Lost a good show (one of the greatest shows of the last decade, if you believe what you read) is one of the greatest myths perpetrated by the television industry. GOD, I hate this show so much! It is BALLS. It is THE WORST! Stop watching it! Stop saying it’s good! It was good for ONE SEASON! By that logic, Veronica Mars should be on this list and Freaks and Geeks should be the KING of this list!

At least this list recognizes (it better recognize, yo) that The Wire is great. In fact, it’s going to stay the course to become one of the best TV shows of all time, not just the last decade. It is head and shoulders above every other show in its category except maybe The Sopranos. So suck on that, Matthew Fox, because you are the worst thing about a show that is THE WORST. You know what’s interesting about you? NOTHING. I tell you this: I would pay cash money to watch Jack Shephard get beaten to a bloody pulp by Al Swearengen, Kara Thrace and Buffy Summers. Dexter could hide the body. That would be a good hour or two of TV right there.

Lost is so bad that it offends me that it beat out Buffy, BSG and Deadwood. Hell, I think Dexter, Big Love, Rescue Me and House are all better than Lost. And those shows all have some major issues. But that’s beside the point. Lost is not even CLOSE to as good as Buffy at its peak, Deadwood is also way, way better than this mess and yeah, BSG could have had a better ending, but  I am 100% certain that the ending of Lost will be so bad that it will make BSG’s finale look like taking off in a helicopter with rocks that spell out Goodbye in comparison.

I also think Ian McShane should be on the best acting list over Michael Chiklis, but we at the Boob are a little biased as Al Swearengen is our knight in tarnished fucking armour. And while I do not watch Friday Night Lights on a regular basis, I have seen enough episodes to know that there is no. fucking. way. it is better TV than BSG, Buffy or Deadwood.

Besides the inclusion of Lost as if it were a matter of fact (like my hatred of it), and overlooking McShane, the biggest problem I have with this list is on the female comedy side of things. It is RIDICULOUS.

First off, I think everybody agrees that Liz Lemon is the best. Tina Fey is right up there with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Lily Tomlin. She will be remembered WELL beyond 30 Rock. Which is why the inclusion of Patricia Heaton makes me weep for funny females everywhere. Are there that few funny women that you singled out HER as one of the best? I guess so, since Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary-Louise Parker and Lauren Graham weren’t really on comedies as much as they were on dramas where women sometimes said funny things. Except for Sarah Jessica Parker, who is not one of the actresses who said funny things on her show. Or ever. But seriously. If this reasoning is correct, then Hugh Laurie should be featured in the comedic acting category because House makes funnies. But come on. We all know that House is a drama.

And if Ricky Gervais can be nominated for the British version of The Office, then why can’t the EXTREMELY funny Ashley Jensen be nominated for Extras? Because she should be. Seriously, TV critics. Are you havin’ a laff? Because Jensen, Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Kristen Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) should DEFINITELY be on this list. And if we’re going to include Graham and Parker (ML, not SJ) then Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me) should also be here.

While I love Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, I think we’re giving her a pass for her work on Seinfeld. She was GREAT in her guest spot on Arrested Development, so I do think she’s genuinely, awesomely funny, but I do not think her role on The New Adventures of Old Christine is even half as good as the stuff we saw from Portia de Rossi and Jessica Walter on Arrested Development. They don’t even make the “almost but not quite” cut and that is a tragedy, not a comedy. Jason Bateman makes the male comedy actor list and he’s the straight man! His inclusion without having Walter or de Rossi on the female side is kind of like giving George Burns an award for saying “Say goodnight, Gracie” without recognizing Gracie Allen for responding “Goodnight, Gracie.”

As an addendum to my rage, I would just like to THANK GOD that Two and a Half Men was kept off the top comedy list. I don’t even want to know by how much Charlie Sheen “just missed” that “best comedic actor” ranking. Also, that The Daily Show only managed to sneak onto the best comedy show list after an outpouring of support is sad. Stewart and co. on the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report regularly whoop the asses of all the primetime late night spots in terms of funniness.

Alright. My rage is subsiding a little bit. I need to go watch The Wire to calm myself. Carry on.


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  1. Thank you for this great post. I really love this tv seasons. Can’t wait for the another episode ! Keep up the good work with that 🙂


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