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Previewing “Nothing But The Blood,” True Blood: Oh! Precious Is The Flow.

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Did you guys know that I was raised a Southern Baptist? Oh yeah, it’s true. Before I took the plain road to Quakersville, that is. The Southern Baptist Convention can be very…unlike me on a number of issues (see: homosexuality), but one topic on which we can agree is the SBC hymnal. I love that thing. For some reason, possibly because my inner child is a goth, my favorite songs (save “It Is Well With My Soul,” the song with quite possibly the most depressing backstory ever) were always the bloody ones.

Lemme get you a wet-nap...Blood’s all over the hymnal! Er, figuratively. From being “plunged…to victory beneath the cleansing flood” because “there is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r in the precious blood,” one would think blood is the next best thing to Folex. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when I heard that the first episode of True Blood‘s second season was called “Nothing But The Blood,” as in the traditional hymn. Because if there is a show that regularly douses people in redeeming blood, it’s this one. Plus, the credits are spotted with religious images, including the final one of a baptism. So it should be no surprise that the title seems to be chosen more in the religious allusion sense and less in the fountains of gore sense.

Tonight’s episode, which airs at 9PM EST, begins where the last episode of the first season left off, with Sookie and Tara shrieking at Andy’s car. I’m not going to spoil anyone (I affirmed that I would not), but suffice it to say, that we will find out where Lafayette’s been (unfortunately not starting a chain of In-n-AIDS Burger joints), see how Tara’s doing under Maryann’s tutelage, meet Daphne, and watch Jason fall deeper into the wonder working pow’r of the Fellowship of the Sun Church. Beyond that, this episode isn’t really about the slambang action, so much as it is about setting the foundation for what’s to come in the season. That is not to say that you’ll want to miss this one–you’ll want to know this stuff. But it is to say that fellow TV reviewer guy who was all, “Wow, wow, omg” needs to settle down. Ooh, TV reviewer guy, is that something in your ear? It is! OMG I pulled a quarter out of your ear! There was actual US currency in your tympanic cavity! Oh, my heart just stopped.

Anyway. Rope of Silicon has four preview clips up, including this one, in which Eric and Bill get totally overwhelmed at the sheer volume in Forever 21:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Laissez les Bon Temps rouler.


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