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Here’s a little truth nugget for you: Neil Patrick Harris is Boob Tube’s number one gay celebrity we all have a crush on.



He is truly a magnificent bastard as the scene-stealing man whore Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.

His sense of humour is legend-wait for it-dary, as we can attest from repeated viewings of both Harold and Kumar movies.

He made us laugh and cry as Dr. Horrible in Joss Whedon’s web show Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog.

And who knew that Doogie Howser would grow up to be sooooooooo good lookin’? Well, me. Circa 1991.

Speaking as a female, I just want to say, Neil? Are you SURE you’re gay? Like, positive? OK. Just checking. If you change your mind, we are all available. Ahem.


According to my hated nemesis Ausiello, Harris will be hosting the Emmys this year. Thank you, baby Jesus!

While we are dedicated blogging professionals who watch the Emmys every year no matter who hosts, this is almost certainly a guarantee that we will ENJOY the broadcast for the first time since Conan hosted.

We will ESPECIALLY enjoy it if NPH can arrange a repeat of Brett Michaels being knocked out by a stage prop like at the Tonys. Man, you really can’t see enough of that, so here it is in slow-mo with some commentary by NPH at the end.


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