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“Never Let Me Go,” True Blood: Oh, deer.

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After the jump, the memorable moments from last night’s episode.

Sam: Oh, hey.
Doeaphne: ‘Sup?

Terry continues to be awesome.

But Hoyt and Jessica continue to be my favorites.

Why do they have all those guns but only that much ammo? Wow, I am my father’s daughter.

“Feet per second”, eh? Oh cool, my dad’s writing for the show now. Daddy, fix the ammo thing or at least, put in a reference to a reloading room.

Sigh. Sad Lafayette makes me sad. I hope he gets back to cursing people in colorful and creative ways soon.

No, no, no. It’s joy down in your heart. Not down in the bath. Not down in your parts.

So, wait–did Eric and Bill just stand there staring blankly during Eric’s whole siring flashback? Hilarious.

Hooker, you are wrong for that!*

Oh and she’s back. Yay?

*I IMed Tanis last night, “In case it comes up, if I ask you to move in, it’s not cool if your [what Maryann is] friend moves in, too.” Never can be too careful.


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